Three gypsies on the street me cornered and allegedly wanted water to drink 20 gr, because it is so hot, etc .. As long behind me were going until I gave them the 20 gr. Then one of them said, for my kindness for free me the ropes. From the beginning it was free … then told to pull paper coin and touch the card, of course I knew what was going on and began to invent them that in a hurry. This presages what I said, that as a break omen in the middle of it happen to me curse. So I said nothing and walked away That started screaming, “so you will have the curse ‘

I do not know what to think about different things about this hear, but believe it or not ?: confused:


Definitely yes. Curse is tymbardziej dangerous, with vague … Because I understand the curse “May you could not sleep at night and to harass Cie Brad Pitt ‘- you know what to fear, you can hire bodyguards to said BP treated violently and smashed his head harassment … but in this situation? Especially sentence ‘will have the curse’ but when? how? with who? what to do with her? Expectation can curse the man to finish … I do not know the day nor the hour when it will come, and how come it is the risk of it not recognize and ignore and it will surely an expression of a lack of education … You should expect her not to ignore the push comes to shove

The situation certainly uncomfortable, a man so strange / scary czuje.Niby is already in the superstition does not believe but ..jednak
My mother had a similar situation-a gypsy wanted to pull out of the money-imagine that she / mother / then pregnant with me !!
And this something you ‘ichniemu’ chattering and stared balefully at the belly
I was born healthy and beautiful … / speech /
But I think the woman in pregnancy / and only / a ‘numery’wykręcać it must be under the dome Not bad ….


and once I stopped as I wanted to foretell and agreed to fortune-telling, of course, still clutching her purse. Gypsy told me to draw three cards, then touch each coin. Then she took the coin and said that he must wave the coin in my purse, it will bring me prosperity. Not agreed to, stood before my eyes objects that there had, of course, wallet and cell phone! I turned stating that now you have to finish. Gypsy was outraged, he started shouting that I took out the wrong card is a bad omen and that now I can not stop divination, because I will face disaster. I was a little scared that maybe that’s true, but nothing bad had happened to me, I just did not give rob! Gypsy lie, and they are smart enough that surround us as we have two or three are sure we okradną.A they are even willing to use force, they can push or roll over to take a purse or a cleverly remove unnoticed its contents.


So you will have the curse … well, it sounds so … irrevocably.
You will have the curse, and what? Or warranty and discard? Put into the pocket?

In any case might incur should Jakis odklatwiacz. I do not know much about it, except there any red bows entail, or something.

Well, I agree with Nekoma, nasty play … So do not say when and how will this curse.

But gdby someone wanted somehow to throw the curse of the type of example Nekoma, it only would be to make the queue … and everyone would keep their paws in a card with the name of the person who is harassing him at night.



I also became a plucked by a gypsy, I was eighteen, I was madly in love with my husband, then boyfriend yet, of course I wanted to know what will be with us dalej.Było in Gorzow Park roses, they sit there all day, I do not remember exactly, but he told me to put money on the card and demanded more and more … no more because I will not say anything … I’ve noticed that about me gathered them around twenty, I realized that this fortune has nothing to blow ..Coś wspónego I started screaming for me I do not even know what because I had a great pietra ….. and my love, and so was my husband. 🙂